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Looking to inspire leaders to be their best selves at work? Want to foster positive behaviors among colleagues? Need to boost morale and reduce stress and burnout? Hire me to give the keynote address at your event, speak at a lunch and learn, deliver an interactive workshop or facilitate a panel discussion.

My presentation style is energetic and interactive, heartfelt and humorous. My content is rooted in positive psychology and diversity and inclusion principles and draws upon my diverse and broad leadership experience as well as advice from hundreds of professionals and leaders I have interviewed for my blogs and podcasts.

My Most Requested Speaking Topics Include:

Building a positive organizational culture doesn’t mean investing in big transformation initiatives. The key to fostering a positive culture is to bring positive values to life consistently in the micro moments of every day. Learn research­-based positivity psychology best practices that work and easy ways to apply them every day to shift the culture.

Conferences, consultants, coaches — leaders do it all to build their competencies and improve their teams. But the best approach to being a better leader involves easy tactics you can do for free by applying research-based best practices from positive psychology. These practices could completely change the game for you and your teams!

79% of employees experience burnout at work. Finding small ways to infuse a sense of purpose and meaning in your every day, to make gratitude and appreciation contagious and to foster connection and fun with colleagues goes a long way to increase positivity and to reduce stress and burnout. Learn and practice these research-based techniques that work.

At a low point in my corporate career I embarked on a personal challenge to try one new thing a week for a year to reinvigorate my life. From joining a band to learning to speed skate, I rediscovered joy and excitement in the every day. Learn what I learned by saying “yes” to 52 new things and be inspired to transform your own mindset one week at a time.

In times of rapid organizational and marketplace changes, success depends on your ability innovate, thrive in uncertainty and fail forward. Learn critical aspects of the entrepreneurial mindset to apply at work and gain practical tips to strengthen your change agility and resiliency muscles.

Diversity in the workplace can challenge values, relationships and productivity. When managed effectively, however, diversity is a catalyst for creativity, innovation and better decision-making. Learn behaviors and communication skills to harness diversity as a differentiator in meetings and foster a culture of inclusion.

The ability to bridge across differences to build a culture of belonging is one of the most important leadership skills. In this interactive workshop participants learn what belonging at work is and why it matters as well as what it takes to develop and demonstrate inclusive leadership and communication skills in order to contribute to a culture of belonging. Take-aways include:

  • Simplify and demystify foundational diversity and inclusion principles.
  • Learn what hinders and what helps to foster belonging.
  • Learn inclusive leadership and communication skills.
  • Brainstorm easy ways to apply skills in daily interactions with others to foster a culture of belonging.

Many companies wonder why their ED&I efforts fail to produce desired results. The key to achieving sustainable outcomes is to consider each decision in your diversity and inclusion strategic planning process from an inclusive lens before taking action. In this workshop I guide your team through a problem-solving methodology that integrates equity, diversity and inclusion principles with design thinking to develop better strategies to achieve your diversity recruiting and other ED&I desired outcomes.


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