We make DEI approachable, relevant, doable and joyful in order to engage everyone to Achieve sustainable business results.

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What We Do. We simplify and accelerate what it takes for companies to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices throughout their business to improve their profitability, brand identity, and the ability to recruit and retain top talent. 

Client Benefits. Companies that genuinely embrace DEI practices are:

  • 35% more likely to achieve industry-leading profitability due to enhanced collaboration, innovation and decision-making.
  • 58% better at recruiting and retaining top talent with broad and diverse backgrounds by creating a culture of belonging. 
  • 59% more likely to improve company reputation by making your culture a differentiator for success among employees and customers.

Our proven approach lays the foundation to realize these results.

Our Approach. Our Jumpstart DEI® program has enabled over 5,000 professionals appreciate the personal and professional benefits of DEI and immediately apply DEI practices to their daily interactions and decision-making to become stronger leaders and more valued employees and to contribute to a culture of belonging needed to achieve sustainable business results. 

Our engagement results include:

  • 97% leadership commitment to DEI
  • 94% employees applying DEI practices to their day to day work
  • 89% employees feeling a strong sense of belonging at work
  • 90% employees recommending company as a great place to work due to the culture

Common DEI Challenges. Many companies fail to achieve DEI results due to:

  • Lack of clarity and alignment. DEI means something different for everyone and there is no shared understanding of why it matters, what success looks like or what actions to take. 
  • Feeling anxious and overwhelmed. DEI is perceived to be complex and daunting and the fear of making a mistake leads to inaction. 
  • Focus only on representation. Strategies over-index on recruiting underrepresented individuals and under-index on building a culture of belonging that values and respects the diversity inherent in everyone. 
  • Lack of daily relevance. DEI is associated with extracurricular activities. Leaders do not embrace DEI as core leadership competencies and employees struggle to apply DEI training in their day to day to make them more effective in their roles.

Often the work of building a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture is confounding, overwhelming and harder than it needs to be. We make DEI approachable, relevant, doable and joyful in order to engage everyone.

Achieve Lasting DEI Outcomes

Lack of clarity on what DEI is and fear of doing or saying the wrong things are often the biggest barriers to getting started with building a culture of belonging.

Through this interactive workshop, we simplify what it takes to initiate your organizational DEI journey. Your team will gain the clarity and confidence needed to break through initial barriers in order to put small steps toward building a culture of belonging into action right away.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Shared understanding of foundational DEI concepts and terminology.
  • The business benefits of a culture of belonging are identified along with key measures of success.
  • High-level roadmap for how to embed DEI throughout the business to achieve benefits
  • Easy to implement action steps to put DEI principles into practice right away.

Turnkey consulting services designed to integrate DEI throughout the business by inspiring action among everyone and establishing infrastructure to ignite impact and sustain results.

Outcomes include:

  • Prepare leaders to lead by example by gaining alignment around what DEI is, why it matters and their role as leaders to drive culture transformation and increase leadership confidence to talk about DEI and model DEI behaviors.

  • Accelerate efforts to engage everyone in the organization to drive collective results by making it easy and rewarding for all everyone to approach daily interactions and decision-making with DEI in mind.

  • Establish the infrastructure needed to support the ongoing application of DEI behaviors across all aspects of the organization to continually invest in culture of belonging and to ensure benefits achieved are sustainable.


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Our Clients

We work with leaders who aspire to positively impact everyone and everything they touch. They are committed to realizing their vision by bringing out the best in themselves and others. We love working with:

Small to Mid-Sized Organizations

Where modest efforts have major impact.

Culture-Centric Leaders

Who want to take their company culture from good to great to become the differentiator for business success.

Professionals with limited time

We don’t believe transformation requires a complete overhaul or big strategies. We help leaders and professionals bring positive values to life through their day to day work.


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